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~ Remembrance ~

Before you say your final fare-well to your best friend you may want to think about how you want to remember them. The following are just a few things that have been suggested by owners.

  • Tie and save a lock of fur.
  • Take a paw print (I have Sculpey but you may want to cast a garden paver).
  • Keep some of those whiskers that tickled you awake.
  • Make a shadow box with toys and collar.
  • Make a pillow from neckerchiefs stuffed with fur.
  • Have a stone or plaque inscribed for the garden.
  • Plant flowers or bulbs that will bloom annually.
  • Donate food or belongings to a shelter.
  • Contribute to an appropriate animal cause (Suggestions are MAF, DDFL, Argus Institute).
  • Draw or paint a picture.
  • Write a letter, a story or a poem.
  • Share your precious stories, especially the ones that make you smile.
  • Make a photo story album.
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