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Recently, after two years of steadily worsening arthritic pain in his hips, we opted to let our beautiful, kind, gentle dog cross the Rainbow Bridge with dignity, in the privacy of our home. From our first phone call until he was gone in my arms a few days later Dr. Westbrook showed concern and compassion. She arrived exactly as scheduled, after I’d had the privilege of a last walk with my friend. She worked at a pace comfortable for me, always informing me of each next step and allowing me time with Shadow. He loved the big plate of rare roast beef as his last well deserved treat. It’s hard to be with your friend of 11 years in his last moments, and she allowed me time to hold him and send him home in my own way. Then she treated him with respect and dignity as we carried him out. A week later I’m still grieving. Dr. Westbrook did a wonderful job of preparing me for what to expect, and offered terrific ideas on how to remember our big puppy. Thanks Dr. Westbrook, you made a difficult time less so.

All our best, and thank you for offering us the opportunity to treasure Shadow’s memory with grace and compassion.

~ Chuck & Barbara Fleischer

Grand Prairie

Our 80 pound lab/golden mix, Bridget, was 12 years old when she was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy, or DM, a neurological disorder that causes paralysis from the tail forward. For the next four years, she and we jumped through many hoops to keep her ambulatory: weekly water therapy at the Animal Rehabilitation Center, close monitoring by her "regular vet," Dr. Patrick Champlin, and accupuncture and chiropractic treatments along with Chinese herbal therapy by her "other vet," Dr. Karen Ave. For more than 3 years, these extraordinary professionals kept her moving, as did our commitment to her well being.

We always knew that when it was Bridget's time to leave for the Rainbow Bridge, the same level of care and her comfort would be our top priority. And we found this in the compassion and individualized care Dr. Rebecca Westbrook of Loving Paws provides. A day that was so very difficult, a day my husband and I faced with heavy hearts that felt as though they were breaking, was made more bearable by the compassion, kindness, professionalism, and experience of Dr. Westbrook, as well as the fact that for Bridget, in her own home, with no change to her routine, with her parents beside her, her peanut butter stuffed kong balls to eat, and yet another caregiver to minister to her, there was not a moment of fear, or stress, or trauma. She had a great last day. We could not ask for more.

I did however ask Dr. Westbrook if I could give her a hug as she left. I wanted to thank her for the wonderful service she provided to our beloved Bridget whom we had the priviledge to care for for 16 years and 3 months. She was and always will be our special girl. Thank you again, Dr. Westbrook.

~ Christine Patterson

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