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~ What People are Saying! ~
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Dr. Westbrook,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the loving service you provide to pets in need. When you came into Jake's room and he responded so positively to your presence I felt like he was saying oh you've come to help me and he was happy. The passing of a beloved pet is very difficult and painful for the humans involved, but you made it so much more tolerable by your compassion and loving attention to Jake throughout the process. I felt very well informed about each step and your kindness and caring allowed me to feel good about relieving Jake from his suffering. Thank you for your prompt response to my call for help. I will always be grateful to you.

~ Anne Difiore


Our dog Murray was the love of our lives as most pets are. He was struggling with pain and we knew we had to make a very difficult decision. Our vet recommended Dr. Westbrook because she knew how stressful and painful it was for Murray to be in the car. For several weeks we struggled with the decision even making and canceling an appointment with Dr Westbrook. When we cancelled she was absolutely understanding and compassionate. A few weeks later we decided it was time. When Dr. Westbrook arrived she immediately put me at ease. She not only explained the whole process to me but helped me understand that I, was in fact, doing the best thing for my little angel. She really is an amazing person with a very special gift for compassion and care that is just a part of her general nature. Her understanding of both the human and animal psyche and spirit is innate to who she is and part of what makes her so special.

It's the most difficult decision to have to make but when you do you will be at ease knowing that Dr Westbrook will be there with you.

~ Sara Fasolino


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