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“I believe that Dr. Westbrook is heaven sent. I was fortunate enough to have my princess, Koda, for 23 wonderful years. She taught me so much about life in a way that only mutual unconditional bonding love can. I remember the tiny little ball of fur that she was when she fit in the palm of my, much younger, hand.

She was known to have tested the boundaries of her nine lives; she was resuscitated by firefighters after being in a fire, had a major surgery to unblock her tummy from trying to clean the soot off of her body and many years later suffered from a stroke and could not walk on her hind legs for just over a year, to name a few. She was so determined not to let any of that get her down. She struggled until she recovered, teaching herself to walk again, even able to jump for awhile, albeit geriatric. I had hoped and prayed that I would wake up one morning and find her in eternal rest, I did not feel like I had the strength to make this decision. The day before I called Dr. Westbrook, I knew that it was time for me to grant her peace in repayment of all she had given to me.

Taking her from her home, all she had known day in and day out, to let her go was too painful for me to contemplate. Dr. Westbrook brings and amazing energy into your home. The informed, comforting peace that she brings to such a life changing event is no less than incredible. While the wonderful life memories of Koda will be with me forever, so will the wonderful passing that Dr. Westbrook provided to my family. Thank you does not justly express my gratitude."

~ Angie Grimes


Dr. Westbrook,

The words ‘Thank You’ fall extraordinarily short.

When our friend and family member Shadow came to the end of his path, Loving Paws provided comfort during a time when comfort was difficult to find. Shadow was nearing 17 years of age when he finally succumbed to age and health issues. His last hours ripped through our hearts with deep sadness. I wanted to do everything to make him as comfortable as possible. I did not want to put him through the torment of loading this sick and scared animal into a vehicle, driving to the vet, waiting for an undetermined amount of time and finally loading him onto a cold gurney in a totally unfamiliar world. I could not imagine doing that. It seemed cruel and uncaring – at least to me. Fortunately I did not have to take this route. Shadow took a turn for the worse very early Sunday AM. In my eyes, this had become an emergency situation. I called Dr. Westbrook early on a Sunday morning. Sunday Morning!! She called back immediately and setup a time for Shadow that very morning. I was not only astonished that she was able to assist us so quickly, but I was even more astonished (and relieved) at how professional, and soothing, and comforting Dr. Westbrook proved to be.

Shadow was my best friend for 17 years. My companion. My heart was not ready for him to leave but my head knew better. Loving Paws helped me cope with Shadow’s departure. He was comfortable. He was calm. He was ready. I would highly recommend Dr. Westbrook and Loving Paws for anyone facing this difficult decision. Loving Paws made it better; and I never would have thought that possible.

~ Steven T. Hamel


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