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Dear Dr. Westbrook,

I wanted to thank you again for your graciousness, patience and compassion during this most difficult time. Ozzie was, quite literally, my best friend and my only "constant" in the thirteen and a half years I was lucky enough to have him. His gentle nature and silly antics nursed me through a serious illness, times of sadness, loss and distress and I wanted - needed - to allow him his right to die with dignity.

Although this was without a doubt the toughest decision I have ever had to make, you did in fact give me the peace of mind and of heart I so desperately needed. I appreciate the time you took to get to know what a precious pet Ozzie was. I appreciate the time you took to explain and discuss the procedure and the aftercare. Most importantly, I appreciate this unique service that you offer for those of us who are struggling with the impending loss of a beloved pet.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Ozzie. He looks so serious, but this photo was taken during a rousing game of soccer.

~ Elizabeth Kirshner


Dr. Westbrook,

On behalf of our family, we thank you for coming to our home and helping Sissy gently make her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Although devastated, our experience was made less difficult because of your compassion and kind heart.

We appreciate you understanding what a painful loss this is.....I am especially hurting, as Sissy was my all. She is our beautiful golden angel now. I miss her terribly. I don't feel like my heart will ever be the same.

I am attaching some pictures for you so you may see Sissy in a different light.....enjoy.

Thank you again. Your services are invaluable.

Our hearts are connected by paws,
Lezli Ragland (Sissy's mom)

~ Lezli Ragland

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