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~ Pet Cremation and Burial Options ~

Loving Paws Veterinary House Calls offers two cremation options for your beloved pets, communal cremation and private cremation. We will take your pet with us at the time of the appointment and set everything up for you. If you choose, you may make your own arrangements.

Communal Cremation

Your pet will be communally cremated with other pets and then burried in a pet cemetary. You will not receive ashes back.

Private Cremation

Your pet will be individually cremated and hand delivered to you by the crematory.

The following are the five urns you can choose from or you can choose a velvet scatter bag.

Cremation Urns

Burial Options

If you opt for a home body burial, you need to check with local ordinances. General guidelines recommend that you bury your pet 3 feet deep. If you are concerned with grave disturbance, it is recommended to cremate first and then bury.

Pet Caskets

You can buy professional pet caskets or you can make one. A lot of my small dogs and cat clients like to bury their pets in hat boxes. Another option, depending on your pet's size, is a plastic tote.

Gift your pet with the Loving Paws difference.