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From the first time you felt the love of your pet melting your heart, through the fragility of their final steps at the journeys end, we try to give our pets the best life has to offer.

When the days become murky and dark clouds blanket the sky, give your precious pet the gift of pet hospice care or in-home pet euthanasia for a peaceful passing at home.

Whether you need pet hospice care to maintain your beloved pet's quality of life as long as possible or in-home pet euthanasia provided in the privacy and comfort of your own home; please feel free to call and discuss your pet's needs at (972) 201-5342.

Pet Hospice Care Pet Hospice Care

Loving Paws pet hospice is focused on treating the symptoms that are affecting your pet's quality of life. Our pet hospice program can help your pet by...

  • Offering a personal house call to evaluate your pet in the comfort of your home.
  • Observing your pet in their home environment and helping you identify their specific subtle behavior and pain cues.
  • Recommending environmental changes and alternative therapy when appropriate.
  • and more!
The In-Home Difference Pet In-Home Euthanasia

There is a big difference between in-home euthanasia and a clinic euthanasia:

  • A familiar setting for your pet's last memories.
  • No stress induced from transport to a clinic.
  • Your best friend can “fall asleep” in your presence.
  • You can grieve in the privacy of your home.
  • You can choose when, where, and who attends.
  • and more!

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Gift your pet with the Loving Paws difference.